• Managing AUSkey troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting for common problems experienced when trying to manage AUSkeys.

    • Upgrade or downgrade someone else's AUSkey

      With an Administrator AUSkey you can change the type of AUSkey for another user in AUSkey Manager.

    • Lost or stolen computer or USB stick

      If your computer or USB stick is lost or stolen, you should cancel your AUSkey immediately to ensure nobody uses your AUSkey.

    • Back up your AUSkey

      We recommend backing up your AUSkey key store every six months so you can restore your AUSkey if your computer system crashes or requires reformatting.

    • Delete cancelled AUSkeys

      You can delete a cancelled or expired AUSkeys from your computer or USB stick.

    • Forgotten password

      Your AUSkey password cannot be reset. If you cannot remember it, you will need to register for a new AUSkey and follow these instructions.

  • Last modified: 04 Dec 2013QC 382