• Setting up AUSkey troubleshooting

    This page is for troubleshooting common problems experienced when trying to set up and activate your AUSkey, or issues trying to use your AUSkey at login.

    Known issues

    Unable to access ATO online services

    Due to changes to Internet Explorer and Java occurring in April 2019, Internet Explorer users may not be able to use AUSkey to access online services such as the portals and Online services for agents.

    We are recommending AUSkey holders using Internet Explorer switch to Chrome or Firefox browsers. To make the switch, download the AUSkey installer for Chrome and Firefox.

    Note: Safari is no longer compatible with AUSkey. We recommend you switch to Firefox or Chrome.

    Cannot progress to the next step

    The 'Continue' button may not appear on the login screen for some users. To display this button:

    • deselect your credential – select the field 'Please select a credential from the list'
    • select your credential again and the Continue button should appear.

    Forgotten password

    If you cannot remember your AUSkey password, you will need to register for a new AUSkey. Your password cannot be reset.

    Further information can be found at AUSkey – Forgotten password.

    Login page

    If you can see the myGov option, but not your AUSkey details you will need to connect the ABN to your myGovExternal Link account.

    If you need to use an AUSkey and cannot see your AUSkey details on the login screen, follow the general troubleshooting steps below.

    General troubleshooting

    To get AUSkey working on your computer, follow these steps:

    1. Check your operating system and internet browser are compatible with AUSkey.
    2. Check you are using the latest software for AUSkey.
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