• Setting up AUSkey troubleshooting

    This page is for troubleshooting common problems experienced when trying to set up and activate your AUSkey, or issues trying to use your AUSkey at login.

    AUSkey holders using Firefox

    The latest version of Mozilla Firefox (version 52) does not support AUSkey. To continue using Firefox, a browser extension is now available for Windows users to access services that require an AUSkey in preparation for the Firefox upgrade. For Mac users, you will need to use an alternative browser which is compatible with AUSkey. Alternatively, contact the AUSkey Technical Helpdesk for assistance.

    AUSkey holders using Safari

    Apple released an update to their Safari browser. This security change means Safari requires some browser setting updates in order to continue to use AUSkey.

    The Chrome browser is unaffected; alternatively contact the helpdesk to continue to use Safari.

    Issue - Login page - Can see the myGov option, but can't see your AUSkey details

    To use your myGov username and password to login, you will need to connect the ABN to your myGovExternal Link account.

    If you need to use an AUSkey and cannot see your AUSkey details on the login screen, follow the general troubleshooting steps below.

    General troubleshooting

    To get AUSkey working on your computer, follow these steps:

    1. Check your operating system and internet browser are compatible with AUSkey.
    2. Check you are using the latest software for AUSkey.
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