• Our work

    The Registrar of the ABR is responsible for the administration of the Register. This includes a program of work to ensure the integrity of business information.

    • ABR explained

      The ABR stores details about businesses and organisations when they register for an ABN.

    • Keeping the ABR up-to-date

      To keep the Register current and accurate, the ABR reviews ABNs to ensure that they are held by businesses or organisations that are entitled.

    • Assuring the integrity of the ABR

      It is important that the Australian Business Register contains accurate information on businesses and that only those entitled to an ABN are issued one.

    • Integrity focus areas

      The ABR has established a comprehensive ABR integrity program to help keep the ABR current and accurate.

    • Our approach to reviewing your ABN entitlement

      Each year, as part of our ABR integrity program we review a targeted sample of ABN holders to ensure they are entitled to have an ABN.

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