• Blueprint addendum

    The Australian Business Register (ABR) is a shared national resource with trusted business information. This enables informed decision making, lifting productivity and competitiveness. Australian Business Numbers (ABNs) facilitate streamlined business operation and data sharing across federal, state/territory and local government to better target and tailor services to business.

    These are key features that will improve and transform the experience for businesses, their intermediaries, government, and the community in working with the ABR to improve their confidence in the system and making it easy to get things right and hard not to.

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    Our vision for business

    Reducing the costs to business in interacting with government.

    Our vision for Government

    Providing access to valuable business information they need, when they need it, to help business and the community. Our vision for the community: Increasing confidence in the Australian business registration system and improving outcomes for the community.

    Our vision for the community

    Increasing confidence in the Australian business registration system and improving outcomes for the community.

    Ready to be in business

    Help me get it right

    I know what I need to do and how to register my business, and being registered, I receive more targeted and tailored services to help me get on with business.

    For business this means

    • When I am ready to register my business, I know what I need to do and the registration process is straight forward. My information is pre-filled and I get my ABN and other registrations done quickly so I can get on with business.
    • Once I am registered, all levels of government know that I am in business and this helps them to target and tailor services that I may need, whether I am a new business or a growing business.
    • If I have any questions about my registration, I can get answers quickly in the way I choose.
    • If I need information to help me make business decisions I can access it when I need it, at a time that suits me.
    • The government knows that if I choose to use an agent it’s easy for that person to work on my behalf.

    What will help us deliver the experience

    • Creating a digital end-to-end ABN registration service to provide entitled businesses with their registration information in a timely manner.
    • Building strong analytics support and leveraging existing information to determine ABN entitlement.
    • Facilitating information sharing across government to allow business to provide information once.
    • Responsive and empathetic help for businesses to resolve issues quickly so that they can get on with business.
    • Businesses and the broader community innovatively using the aggregated data in the ABR.
    • Provision of timely and contemporary advice and guidance channels.

    Community confidence and integrity

    I know the system is fair

    I have confidence that people who have an ABN are running a legitimate business and that there is fairness in the system and a level playing field. I know I can have confidence I am dealing with a registered business when I check the ABR.

    For the community and business this means

    • I have greater confidence in who I choose to do business with as I know the information I can access is correct and tells me what I need to know to engage them – this helps increase consumer confidence which is good for business.
    • I have greater certainty of my obligations as a business across government and find it easier to meet those obligations.
    • I will be able to promote my good compliance behaviour, helping to establish trust and good relations with trading partners and minimise their exposure to risky businesses.
    • I have certainty in the information I am provided and it is easy for me to get it right.
    • I can see government working with my industry to level the playing field, ensuring only businesses entitled to an ABN have one.
    • I know that government uses the information they hold to detect and deal with those not doing the right thing.
    • Government can develop more informed business policy with better data around businesses in Australia.
    • I understand ABNs are not for life and once my business ceases so does my ABN entitlement.

    What will help us deliver the experience

    • ABR will be seen as the primary source for core business information.
    • Improving data integrity by increasing collaboration, information sharing and data matching across domestic and international government to ensure the ABR is a trusted single source of truth.
    • Businesses, government and the community can easily access accurate and up to date information about Australian businesses.
    • A whole of government view is taken to dealing with the consequences of businesses that consistently fail to comply with regulatory obligations.

    Contemporary digital tools

    It’s easy to manage my business information

    I, or my authorised contact, can provide information to government once, in a way that suits me, leaving me with more time to run my business. It is easy and seamless to manage my details as my business circumstances change.

    For business this means

    I, or my authorised contact, can

    • go to a single digital account across government to access my information and transact with other agencies.
    • easily log on to government services from any device, anytime and transact securely through my software.
    • easily authorise others to act on my behalf, for example a tax professional, accountant or financial planner.
    • receive my notifications (or alerts) digitally.
    • easily update and maintain my information as my business grows, or my circumstances change, by providing it to government once, through my preferred channel/integrated systems.
    • discover the digital address of a consenting business so that I can exchange information with them using my digital capabilities.

    What will help us deliver the experience

    • Creating a digital end-to-end process to update information and facilitating sharing across government.
    • Revised IT architecture and whole-of-government cooperation, collaboration and information sharing.
    • Ability for businesses to easily authorise others to act on their behalf.
    • Ability for individuals in business to access contemporary credentials to access digital services.
    • Creating contemporary digital ABR with digital notifications supported by preference.
    • Ability for businesses to consent to share their tax lodgement and tax debt status with selected businesses of their choice (e.g. their bank).

    Tell us once

    Coordinated services across Government

    I provide information to government once and government services are coordinated, to make it easy for me.

    For business and government this means

    • In my business, I deal with many agencies across federal, state and local government. Sharing information across government saves me time interacting with them separately.
    • If I happen to be in a situation where I need help, such as being in a natural disaster, I know that government will be able to target assistance because of the data they hold. If I am a business that may be in a position to help, I can also be easily contacted.
    • The law includes safeguards to ensure that when I share my information with government it is protected and only accessed by those I permit.
    • Government knows who I am and how to contact me. It also knows if I need assistance and can get it to me quickly.

    What will help us deliver the experience

    • Cooperation, collaboration and information sharing across domestic and international government agencies, supported with changes to legislation.
    • Business registers are connected and information is accessible in one place.
    • Seamlessly updating business information across government when a change is made to improve accuracy and completeness.
    • Linking to other information sources to increase and improve core business information available to government.
    • Providing support for smaller government agencies to easily consume and contribute to ABR data.
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