• Report of the Australian Business Registrar 2012-13

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    At a glance


    We will provide authoritative information to support business and government interactions, including streamlined registration, authentication and reporting. This is envisaged to include delivery of online services.

    Our role

    The Australian Business Registrar’s responsibilities include:

    • the Australian Business Register (ABR), which provides a unique trusted identifier for Australian businesses (the Australian business number – ABN)
    • the AUSkey, a single electronic credential for businesses dealing with government, and
    • the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) program, a whole-of-government initiative to reduce the burden of business reporting by providing electronic reporting through a standard reporting language as well as an online gateway.


    • Position the ABR as a valued and trusted whole-ofgovernment resource that delivers quality products and services.
    • Ensure the integrity of the ABR is maintained to provide high quality business demographic and identity information.
    • Lead and influence the wholeofgovernment direction for business and government registration, authentication and reporting capabilities.
    • Position AUSkey as the primary authentication solution for business and government interactions.
    • Develop SBR to be the preferred reporting language and communication channel for business and government.
    • Provide clear standards for the single business and government reporting language and transmission channels.
    • Ensure that all business registrations are hosted or supported through the ABR.
    • Facilitate the capture and distribution across government of up to date business information as required.
    • Engage effectively with the community of users or partners.
    • Develop an understanding of the possible uses of ABR data by partner agencies, through effective engagement, to improve their decision making and business processes.

    Achievements in 2012-13

    • With funding provided in the May 2012 budget under the Towards a better business future program, we reviewed over 1 million ABN holders as part of our compliance and integrity work.
    • The slowdown in growth in the number of ABNs over the past three years, culminating in growth broadly in line with the movement in GDP in 2012-13, suggests that the integrity of the ABR is improving.
    • The number of active AUSkeys grew by more than 11% to over 830,000 and use of AUSkeys to authenticate government services grew by 21%.
    • 21 government agencies had adopted AUSkey as their authentication solution for 34 online services by the end of June, compared with 15 agencies and 24 services a year earlier.
    • In the three years since SBR began, there has been a reduction of over 80% in the number of data elements that need to be described and coded in the forms that have been included in the scope of SBR.
    • Use of the SBR online increased sharply during 2012-13, with more than 148,000 reports lodged, about seven times the number in the previous year.
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