• Applying for an ABN

    There are requirements you have to meet to be entitled to an ABN. You need to provide the right information to support your application. This will also reduce possible processing delays.

    • ABN entitlement

      Not everybody is entitled to an ABN. Although everybody can apply, only those who are entitled will get and hold an ABN.

    • Business structures

      Before applying for an ABN you need to have established what your business structure will be.

    • What you need for your ABN application

      There is certain information you will need to complete your ABN application.

    • Apply for an ABN

      An ABN is free with the ABR. To get an ABN you need to be carrying on an enterprise.

    • ABN for business outside of Australia

      If you are a non-resident carrying on an enterprise in Australia or making supplies connected with Australia you may be entitled to an ABN.

    • After applying for an ABN

      If your ABN application has been successful your ABN details are stored in the ABR. There are options available if the application has been refused.

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