• Status of your ABN application

    If you have submitted your Australian business number (ABN) application online you will receive an immediate onscreen notification about the status of your application.

    Getting your ABN

    If successful you will receive your 11-digit ABN. A confirmation letter will be sent to you within 14 days.

    Your ABN details will then be stored in the Australian Business Register (ABR).

    If you do not want your details to be available publicly you can apply to have them suppressed.

    Getting a reference number

    If you receive a reference number it may mean that:

    • your identity cannot be verified, or
    • more information is needed to finalise your application.

    The ABR will review your application within 20 business days and may contact you if further information is needed to complete your application.

    If you have applied for other business registrations they will be assessed at the same time as your ABN application.


    Do not re-apply if you do not get an ABN as the status of your application will not change and it may further delay the processing.

    End of attention

    Getting a refusal number

    If unsuccessful you will receive a refusal number. This means that, based on the information you provided during the application, the ABR determined you were not entitled to an ABN.

    You will receive a letter within 14 days confirming your application has been refused. If you do not agree with our decision you can contact us to discuss. If you are still not satisfied you can lodge an objection.

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