• Business activity details

    Your main business activity is usually (but not always) the activity that is the main source of income for your business or organisation. If you operate from multiple locations, you will be asked for the main business activity at each of the locations you operate.

    Examples of business activity descriptions


    Describe the type of agriculture your business is undertaking - include farming methods where appropriate:

    • wheat farming
    • salmon farming in ponds or tanks
    • vegetable growing in greenhouses
    • dairy cattle farming
    • grain and sheep farming
    • sheep and beef cattle farming.


    Describe the specific type of cleaning activity of your business, which can include a description of what is cleaned and how it is cleaned:

    • cleaning shops or offices
    • residential cleaning services
    • curtain cleaning services.


    Describe details of the types of construction activities that are being carried out:

    • house building
    • telecommunications infrastructure construction
    • road construction
    • carpentry services
    • bricklaying services
    • fence erecting services
    • plumbing services.

    Education and training

    Describe the type of education your business provides:

    • primary and secondary school education
    • lecturing in law
    • dance teacher.


    Describe the main areas you invest in:

    • investment - shares
    • property investment.


    Describe your business including whether it is wholesale or retail:

    • selling meat wholesale
    • selling mobile phones to retailers wholesale
    • operating of a retail supermarket
    • furniture retailing.

    Service businesses

    Describe the service provided, the location and the clients you service:

    • home care nurse for disability or palliative care
    • child care in a facility or at home
    • provide administrative functions at a client's business premises.


    Describe the types of products your business manufactures and what materials the products are made from:

    • clothing manufacturing
    • hearing aids manufacturing
    • baking of bread on the premises
    • pesticide chemicals manufacturing
    • steel wire manufacturing.


    Describe whether the mining activity involves extraction or exploration for minerals, oil or gas. Also describe the types of material mined or explored:

    • black coal mining
    • oil and gas drilling
    • gold mining
    • zinc exploration
    • stone quarrying
    • sand mining.
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