• Request paper copies of ABN details

    Public information on the ABR is available via ABN LookupExternal Link.

    Your ABN certificate sent to you when your ABN is issued includes the public information on the ABR and non-public information such as:

    • postal address
    • business address
    • Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) industry code
    • public officer name - if applicable
    • trustee name - if applicable.

    Request a copy of your ABN certificate

    If you would like your ABN certificate to be re-issued you can contact us. The certificate will be sent to the postal address listed on the ABR within 14 days.

    Request an extract of your ABN details

    You can also be sent an extract of your ABN details which includes additional information such as:

    • email addresses
    • associate details
    • the ANZSIC description.

    If your contact details are recorded on the ABR you can make a request in writing. The request must include the following:

    • the relevant ABN
    • your contact details
    • the address for delivery as listed on the ABR.

    The ABN extract will be sent within 20 business days.

    If we can't confirm the identity and authority of the person requesting the extract or the information is incorrect we won't be able to process the request.

    If you have an Administrator AUSkey you can access your ABN details online.

    Request a certified copy of someone else’s public ABN details

    You can get a certified copy of an entity's ABN details for legal purposes by writing to the ATO.

    A one-page standard certified extract of the publicly available information on ABN Lookup will be sent. There is a $20 fee for the first extract and 10 cents for each subsequent extract if you request more than one.

    Mail your payment with a cheque or money order to:

    The Director Business Management Registrations ATO
    PO Box 2012

    Cheques and money orders should be for amounts in Australian dollars and payable to the Australian Taxation Office. Cheques should be crossed 'Not Negotiable' and must not be postdated.

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