• Accessing ABR data

    When an ABN is registered the business identity information is stored in the ABR as public and non-public data. Only eligible government agencies can access and use the non-public data to provide improved community services.

    • ABR data explained

      Registered business information is stored in the ABR as public and non-public information.

    • Agencies with access to non-public data

      The following government agencies have access to non-public data from the ABR.

    • ABR data in use

      ABR data can be used by eligible government agencies to identify business communities under their responsibility.

    • ABR Data Dictionary

      The Australian Business Register (ABR) Data Dictionary is a resource to assist users when receiving data from the ABR.

    • ABR Explorer

      ABR Explorer is an online reporting tool providing eligible government agencies with access to ABR information.

    • ABR Connect

      ABR Connect plans to deliver digital services to allow eligible agencies to integrate with the ABR and use the register as their own.

    • ABR web services

      The ABR provides system-to-system web services to eligible government agencies to retrieve public and non-public details of Australian Business Register (ABR) records.

    • Data Transfer Facility

      Government agencies with current Australian Business Register terms and conditions in place can download large volumes of data via the Data Transfer Facility.

    • ABR bulk data files

      Additional information and resources are available to assist with using ABR bulk data files

    • ABR access via AURIN

      Government agencies can now access non-public ABR data via the AURIN portal.

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      A summary of frequently asked questions on ABR data and ABR Explorer, including access, navigation.

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