• Planning and economic development

    Using ABR data items

    Your agency can use ABR data items to help plan for current and future business and community support and infrastructure development including to:

    • identify and analyse business and industry segmentation
    • conduct business surveys
    • identify and support new businesses
    • maintain and grow the economy (identifying areas of growth)
    • map business locations to identify industry clusters
    • create a statistical report of businesses in your region, using charts/summaries/maps.

    Data items that can be used

    • entity name
    • business name
    • main business address
    • additional business location address
    • email address and phone numbers
    • ANZSIC code
    • geo-coded business addresses.

    Case study: Brisbane City Council profiles its resources boom

    As one of the largest local councils in Australia, Brisbane City Council is positioning itself as a major hub for the mining industry and its service industries.

    Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said Brisbane was enjoying a share of the global resources boom, which currently contributes $25 billion each year to the city’s economy. He said,

    In addition to this figure, a further $165 billion worth of new resource projects are expected to be rolled out in Queensland over the next 10 years.

    The challenge for Council is to maximise the economic return from the global resources boom in our city to all sectors over the long term.

    One of my top priorities this term will be to promote the economic development of our city and to achieve this I have allocated more than $15 million in this year’s budget towards economic development.

    The mining industry is a key contributor to Brisbane’s economy. Every mining job generates up to 15 jobs in industries that support mining. The city is home to the headquarters of some of the world’s leading mining and energy companies.

    Brisbane City Council’s economic development plan ensures the city will continue to attract companies and gain a competitive advantage by providing a well-connected business environment for resource industry technologies and services.

    In developing their 2012-2013 economic development plan, Brisbane City Council used ABR data to profile the mining sector. Before this analysis, Council was aware there were a large number of mining companies in Brisbane, but was pleasantly surprised by the results.

    The analysis identified over 170 mining companies registered in the local government area, as well as a large number of companies providing goods, services and technologies to this sector. They also discovered that a world class mining equipment manufacturer was based in Brisbane.

    Using the ABR query tool, the council identified entities using the ANZSIC code, entity type and GST status, and used address commonalities to find sizable companies. Going forward the ABR data will allow them to track the growth of mining and associated industries.

    Using ABR data to profile the mining industry highlighted the potential for Brisbane City Council to analyse other industries of importance to the city’s economy.

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