• Technical documentation

    The ‘Identifier‍Search’ web service allows eligible government agencies to perform ABN or ACN/ABRN searches.

    We've developed the following information to help developers to work with ABR IdentifierSearch web services.

    Note: Sample code and test data is available to eligible agencies to assist with integration.

    If you would like a copy of the sample code and/or test data, please send a request to ABR at abrenquiries@ato.gov.au with the subject line: ABR Web Services – Request sample code

    See also:

    Technical Frequently Asked Questions for technical information about web services rules, connectivity and web services standards.

    • Getting started

      This section contains the technical information needed to integrate with the IdentifierSearch web service.

    • Verify service account

      This section contains step-by-step instructions to verify if the service account works.

    • Business context

      This section contains the ABR IdentifierSearch web service data classifications and the different records types.

    • Service constraints

      This section contains the system limitations and the rules to manage the non-public data.

    • Web services technology

      A summary of web services technology, including security, messaging and authentication.

    • Method of call

      This section contains the search methods available through the ABR IdentifierSearch web services.

    • Universal elements and attributes

      The following section defines all the data elements and attributes within the WDSL.

    • Error codes

      A list of all known ABR IdentifierSearch error codes.

    • Known issues

      A list of reported ABR web services issues.

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