• Error codes

    The following is a list of known error codes for the ABR IdentifierSearch web service:

    1. Error Number A921.08

    "Your user account is either locked or disabled."

    Issue description: If the Firefox browser is used to the change user service account password, the account will get locked.

    Resolution: The only browser compatible with the service is Internet Explorer v11. Using browsers such as Firefox and Chrome etc will cause account lockouts.

    To unlock the account please refer to the Production Support Guide.

    2. Error Number A1801

    "Error – An incorrect ABN has been entered. Please check the entered ABN is correct and that it contains 11 numbers."

    Issue description: This happens when an incorrect ABN has been entered so the web service can't retrieve the data.

    There are two issues with this error:

    • The user entered an ABN that doesn't have 11 digits.
    • The user entered an invalid ABN.


    3. Error Number C4504

    "No records match the search criteria entered. Please check and re-enter your search criteria."

    Issues description: This error can occur in the following situations:

    • An incorrect value other than ABN, ACN or ARBN was added in the <abr:identifierType>.
    • An incorrect ABN, ACN or ARBN was added in the <abr:identifierValue>.
    • Values were not entered in capital letters on the <abr:identifierType>.

    Resolution: The following is an example of how the values need to be entered:

    • <abr:identifierType>ABN<abr:identifierType>
    • <abr:identifierValue>CORRECT ABN NUMBER<abr:identifierValue>

    4. Unauthorised

    "Authorisation has failed. Please re-enter a valid username and password"

    Issues description: This error occurs when an incorrect service account username or password is used.

    Resolution: The correct username or password was entered.

    5. HTTP 500 Fault code

    Server was unable to process request. --> An attempt to call method Search‍Identifier has failed --> An invalid identifier type was entered in the search request.

    Issues description: Unable to connect to the web service.

    • Last modified: 10 Jun 2016QC 1094