• Service constraints

    It's important ABR non-public data is protected and its integrity maintained. Agencies receiving and using non-public data have an obligation to:

    If an agency is planning to display non-public data to a business when pre-filling an agency self-service portal form, the business must be authorised and authenticated in the agency system. So they must use either AUSkey or Manage ABN Connection credential with VANguardExternal Link government authentication services.

    The service account for IdentifierSearch must have its password changed every 90 days and needs to be managed by the agency.

    The IdentifierSearch method returns all data made available in the ABR record. It's not possible to filter the results to a certain specific data set such as the 'business associate' or 'main business' addresses only.

    The search parameters are ABN, ACN and ARBN. Search by other data items is not available through this service, however name search such as trading business or entity name is available with ABN LookupExternal Link.

    Government agencies need to comply with the Spam Act 2003 when using email addresses provided in ABR data:

    • The Spam Act may prevent you from using an email address unless you have the consent of the ABN holder or an exemption applies.
    • If an ABN holder asks you to remove them from your mailing list, you should do this in a timely manner.
    • Third parties, associated with your agency, may also be prevented from using email addresses.

    To find out more, refer to the Spam Act 2003External Link.

    • Last modified: 14 Jun 2016QC 1089