• Verify service account

    To verify your service account, follow the steps below:

    1. Download the WSDL and the sample request message from the email received <email from on boarding>
    2. Obtain the service account username and password
    3. Use a tool like SOAPUIExternal Link or Curl to construct a test request, using the account/password credentials
    4. Add the username and password as per the standard HTTP Basic Authentication header
    5. Search for an ABN in ABN LookupExternal Link, and write it down so you can use it in the next step
    6. In the envelope body, add the following parameters
      • IdentifierType= ABN
      • IdentifierValue= Add the ABN here
      • Date= 2016-03-18T15:13:10.0000000+10:00
      • History = N
    7. Submit request to specified endpoint URL.
    • Last modified: 14 Jun 2016QC 1087