• Apply for your client’s ABN

    You can use the free online application to apply for an Australian business number (ABN) with the Australian Business Register (ABR).

    When applying for an ABN on behalf of your client you need to complete a declaration at the end of the application stating that you:

    • are authorised to act on their behalf
    • have a written declaration from your client stating the information they provided to you is true and correct.

    Apply online

    You can apply via Tax professionals services using an Administrator or a Standard AUSkey with the appropriate permissions.

    The application will be processed faster if we can identify your client with the information provided.

    Find out more:

    Other business registrations

    If the application is successful or if you get a reference number you can continue and apply for other business registrations for your client.

    Note: Check the ABR Dashboard for current information about ABR performance.

    Tax professionals services

    If the effective start date of your ABN is in the future, your ABN (and/or Business Name) will not display on ABN LookupExternal Link until the ABN start date has been reached.

    • Last modified: 22 Dec 2016QC 189