• Saving your client's ABN application

    To save your application you can select the ‘save’ button at any time.

    When you save your application for the first time you will receive an application reference number, expiry day and will be asked to set up a password. Make sure you make note of these details and keep them in a secure place. (Print function is available)

    To return to your application you will need to supply the application reference number and password. If you lose the application reference number and/or password, it cannot be resupplied. 

    You can save and return to your client's application as many times as required before the expiry date. 

    After the expiry date has passed, all information will be lost and you will need to start a new application.

    Before you exit your client's application remember to click the save button.

    Return to ABN application
    • Last modified: 22 Dec 2016QC 769