• Apply for a TFN for your client

    You can apply for a tax file number (TFN) on behalf of companies, trusts, partnerships and many other organisations via the tax professional's services. You can apply for a TFN for most businesses or organisations while completing their ABN application.

    Tax professional's services

    Depending on your client's circumstances, provide the following information to help the application get processed faster:

    • tax agent registration number
    • Australian Company Number (ACN) or Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN)
    • business locations
    • authorised contacts
    • business activity.

    Where associate's details are required include name, date of birth and TFN. If an associated individual chooses not to provide their TFN, you will be asked to provide their residential address.

    If you provide your registered agent number during the application, it will be recorded against the income tax role.

    Note: The ABR Dashboard provides current information about ABR availability.

    Who can't apply online

    You can't use the online application for super funds and first home saver accounts trusts.

    Sole traders cannot apply for a TFN for business. However they can apply for an individual TFN with the ATO.

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