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    The Australian Reporting Dictionary (ARD) is a free, online resource that allows you to search for definitions and reports relevant to your agency. It assists software developers, policy designers and legislative drafters to understand:

    • what government terms are currently in use
    • what information is being reported by business already
    • who is presently collecting this data on behalf of state and federal government.

    Released in July 2013, the ARD presents a searchable and easy to understand view of the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) definitional taxonomy. The ARD is quickly expanding as more definitions from other agencies, across all levels of government, are incorporated.

    Benefits for your agency

    Reduces duplication and confusion – a unique definition is applied to each term so users understand the context (for example, payroll tax, income tax, OH&S, and the state it relates to).

    How it works

    The ARD is available on sbr.gov.au and can be explored using simple or advanced search terms or by using a browse function.

    The primary orientations of definition and report are used to present relevant information that can be further explored using filters or hyperlinks.

    Find out more

    To find out more about the ARD:

    How current agencies are using ARD

    Cutting business costs by standardising terms in payroll tax reports

    The ARD has delivered consistency and efficiency to Australia’s payroll tax report system.

    Prior to the adoption of a standard term from the ARD, each state and territory revenue office was using a different term for its payroll taxable wages and salaries report. The different terms didn’t reflect any real difference in the way that wages and salaries were calculated.

    Since adoption of a standardised term by state and territory revenue offices:

    • businesses that operate across multiple jurisdictions no longer need to check for differences in meaning and can use one, standardised term in their payroll tax reports
    • accounting software developers and service providers no longer need to accommodate the different terms in their products and services.

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