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    Geocoded business information from the Australian Business Register (ABR) is available free to eligible government agencies.

    What is geocoding?

    Geocoding is the process of assigning geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) from street addresses. The geographic coordinates of each address in the ABR are captured with reference to the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF).

    Why use geocoded data?

    You can use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to select/display the locations of any entities matching your area of interest. For example you can search for sole traders operating within a state or territory, entities engaged in poultry farming within a local government area or all businesses operating in a particular street.

    To maximise the usefulness of location data, geocoded addresses also link to ‘mesh block’ geographical regions. Mesh blocks can be aggregated to allow the analysis of registered business within administrative, political (both state and federal), suburban, postal cadastral, and statistical divisions in Australia. Providing this data allows for comparative analysis with other sources of information (for example those produced by Department of Human Services and the Australian Bureau of Statistics), mesh blocks are included in the G-NAF.

    Use ABR geocoded data to

    • map and segment industry clusters
    • identify home-based businesses
    • locate businesses in incorrect zoning areas
    • find businesses not meeting environment regulations
    • identify businesses not complying with registration or health requirements
    • detect target areas and plan compliance campaigns
    • disaster preparation, planning and recovery
    • pinpoint businesses with potential hazards and find areas where hazards exist.

    ABR geocoded businesses based on industry


    Example of geocoded businesses based on industry classification.

    What entity locations are recorded?

    The ABR has expanded the register to include details of ‘additional locations’ – the addresses of different physical business locations operated by an entity – which may not align with the management, accounting, tax or other organisational structures of the entity.

    To access ABR geocoded business data

    You need to be an eligible government agency to access ABR information.

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