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    The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) introduced a new national business names register on 28 May 2012, replacing state and territory registers. Prior to the introduction of this new register, the Registrar of the Australian Business Register (ABR) had an obligation to record in the ABR:

    • the business name registered for the entity under the law of the state or territory; or
    • if a business name was not registered for the entity – any named used for business purposes by the entity.

    This name was referred to as the entity’s trading name.

    Since 28 May 2012, the Registrar has ceased collecting trading names that are not business names registered with ASIC.

    The Registrar, however, continues to have an obligation, until 31 October 2018, to continue to publicly display any trading names that were recorded in the ABR prior to the introduction of the new national business names register. These names continue to be displayed in the trading name field of ABN Lookup.

    Changes to trading names

    From 28 May 2012, the Registrar has ceased making any changes to trading names already recorded in the ABR.

    Public display of trading names

    The Registrar may, in specific circumstances, decide it is no longer appropriate to disclose a trading name publicly. In such cases, the Registrar may end date the trading name. This will move the trading name to the historical field. Whilst this detail will still be publicly available, it will not appear on the front page in ABN Lookup.

    Deleting trading names

    There are no circumstances in which the Registrar will permanently delete a detail (including a trading name) from the ABR.

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