• AUSkey password update

    As part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to the community, we have increased the level of security associated with your AUSkey password. The AUSkey password length increased to a minimum of 10 characters in April. This change will apply to new AUSkeys or if you change your AUSkey password.

    Although not compulsory, we recommend that you change your password regularly and not share it with anyone.

    You can create a strong password by using a combination of:

    uppercase characters (for example, A-Z)

    lowercase characters (for example, a-z)

    numeric characters (for example, 0-9), and/or

    special or punctuation characters (for example, #, !, $, @)


    Having a strong password is important to protect your business information

    End of attention

    Information on how to change your existing password can be found at your AUSkey password.

    • Last modified: 29 Sep 2014QC 770