• Important information for Firefox AUSkey users

    The upcoming version of Mozilla Firefox (version 52) does not support AUSkey. To continue using AUSkey, users will need to download the Firefox browser extension or use an alternative browser.

    Other compatible browsers will not be affected. You can find a list of browsers compatible with AUSkey on the Australian Business Register website.

    Windows users

    A Firefox browser extension is available for Windows users to address AUSkey compatibility issues with Firefox 52. To continue using AUSkey through Firefox on Windows, users will need to either:

    • download a browser extension at Download software for AUSkey
    • login to a government online service from a Firefox browser and follow the prompts, or
    • use an alternative browsers. See AUSkey compatibility for a list of browsers you can use with Windows.

    Mac users

    To continue using AUSkey on your Mac, you will need to use an alternative browser such as Chrome (with the Chrome Browser Extension). You can find a list of AUSkey compatible browsers on the Australian Business Register website.

    If you need help or experience issues installing the Firefox extension, contact the AUSkey Technical Helpdesk.

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