• Important reminders for AUSkey users

    AUSkey holders using Chrome

    3 July 2015 - Google released an update to their Chrome browser. This security change means that Chrome will no longer accept plug-ins such as AUSkey.

    If you use Chrome as your browser, this update will prevent you from using AUSkey to access participating government online services.

    To continue using AUSkey you will need to use an alternative web browser compatible with AUSkey.

    Further information

    Read more about AUSkey browser compatibility.

    End of further information

    Java users and AUSkey

    As reported here on 2 March this year, AUSkey users need to be using a current version of Java software. This version of Java includes improvements to the security of AUSkey and ensures it is in line with security standards.


    MAC or Linux users with AUSkey will already have Java installed and will not need to do anything further.

    End of attention

    Remember, to verify if you are using Java and ensure you aren’t using out-of-date versions, go to the Java websiteExternal Link and follow the prompts to install the latest version.

    If you are not using Java and cannot install it yourself we suggest contacting your IT area for assistance or visit the technical help desk websiteExternal Link for information.

    Further information

    Read more about software requirements for AUSkey.

    End of further information
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