• Have you been asked to get an ABN?

    02 December 2013 - If you are told by a potential or current employer to get an Australian business number (ABN) you should question whether you need it or not before applying.

    Some employers try to avoid their legal obligations such as providing paid leave, minimum wage and superannuation contributions to their workers by engaging them as independent contractors when they should really be employees.

    Although everybody can apply, only those who are entitled will get an ABN. In fact, apprentices, trade assistants, labourers and other types of employees are not entitled to an ABN.

    If you are engaged as an independent contractor but are not running your own business then you may be in an unfair employment arrangement. You may also be helping your employer avoid their taxation and other obligations. If you are in this situation, you can report External Linkit to the Australian Taxation Office.

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