• How to get a copy of your ABN certificate

    When setting up business bank accounts or changing superannuation details, you may need to provide a copy of either:

    • your Australian business number (ABN) certificate
    • an extract of your ABN details.

    To request a copy of your ABN certificate, contact the ABR. Requests for ABN certificates are processed within 14 days. To request an extract of your ABN details, do so in writing to:

    The Registrar
    Australian Business Register
    PO Box 9977
    Newcastle  NSW  2300

    You will need to include:

    • the relevant ABN
    • your contact details
    • the address for delivery (which should be as listed on the ABR).

    Note: ABN extracts are processed within 20 business days.

    Your request will not be processed if:

    • we are unable to confirm your identity
    • we are unable to confirm your authority to request an extract or certificate
    • information you have provided is incorrect.

    We will notify you by mail if we are unable to process your request.

    • Last modified: 09 Nov 2017QC 956