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    Deputy Registrar, Australian Business Register (ABR), Mark Jackson recently advised government representatives attending the GovInnovate Summit how Standard Business Reporting (SBR) can help them develop and deliver digital services.

    The Australian Government has announced that government agencies will need to offer a range of digital services to the business community by 2017.

    The SBR Program, within the Australian Business Register, provides government agencies with advice and support to help them meet this Government commitment.

    Government agencies that adopt SBR can have their forms and reports considered for inclusion in some popular business software packages which businesses can then use to prepare and lodge directly to the agency.

    Benefits to participating agencies include:

    • Cost savings – Increasing the number of businesses reporting to agencies electronically will result in a reduction in paper lodgments – no need to scan, store and re-key information.
    • Efficient revenue collection and regulatory monitoring – Agencies will experience an overall reduction in non-compliance and an increase in the quality of data it receives.

    We can provide your agency with advice, project assistance, technical tools and other products to help you adopt our services and transform your agency to a better way of doing business.

    To find out more, read Mr. Jackson’s speech.

    • Last modified: 23 Feb 2015QC 905