• Cancellation of trust ABNs

    The Registrar of the Australian Business Register (ABR) has begun cancelling the ABNs of approximately 97,000 trusts where evidence shows they are no longer carrying on an enterprise.

    These ABNs were cancelled in May where available information indicated the trust had not lodged business activity statements and/or trust income tax returns for the last two years. This process will be ongoing for other ABNs that meet the same criteria.

    Trusts registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits CommissionExternal Link, or are a non-reporting member of a GST or income tax group, are excluded from the cancellations.

    You or your client will receive a letter if your client's ABN has been cancelled. The letter will include the reason for the cancellation, and a phone number to ring to get the ABN reinstated immediately if you don't agree with the decision.

    If your client's ABN is cancelled and neither you, nor your client, receive a letter, it could mean your client's contact details are not up to date on their ABN record.

    • Last modified: 15 Jun 2016QC 1097