• A digital infrastructure to support service delivery to business

    Together the ABR, SBR, AUSkey and the Australian Reporting Dictionary form a whole-of-government framework designed to streamline interaction between business and government across Australia – making it easier for businesses to keep the records it needs and even easier to deal with government.

    Working together

    We work with government agencies that are seeking digital service solutions for new and existing online services to business.

    Agencies are adopting the ABR digital infrastructure for a range of reporting requirements.

    Customisable solutions

    The use of this infrastructure is continuing to expand beyond its initial focus on tax and financial reporting to encompass support for a broader range of government services that include industry, education, community services, environment and natural resources programs.

    As well as business-to-government reporting, the new services include business-to-business and government-to-government transactions and services.


    • 76% of small businesses prefer to find information online
    • 423 agencies — federal, state, territory and local — use either ABR non-public or public data in accordance with the ABN Act
    • 24 agencies have adopted AUSkey as their digital authentication solution for 44 online services
    • Close to 1 million active AUSkeys in use by Australian businesses
    • 12 agencies participating in SBR along with the Treasury, whose Secretary chairs the SBR Board, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics
    • 80% reduction in the number of data elements that need to be described and coded in reporting software
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