• AUSkey

    A whole-of-government digital credential

    AUSkey is a cost effective, secure and easier way for businesses to digitally verify their identity for online transactions with government agencies.

    It is a whole-of-government authentication solution that simplifies how businesses interact digitally with government.

    A cohesive authentication solution

    AUSkey’s acceptance as the preferred national authentication solution is reducing the need for businesses and other organisations to maintain multiple identifiers and passwords to interact with government online.

    Agencies are adopting AUSkey for a range of reporting requirements; as well as business-to-government (B2G) reporting, the new services include government-to-government (G2G) interactions.

    Support for partner agencies

    We support agencies implementing online services to make informed decisions about authentication.

    When they decide to implement AUSkey, we work with them to communicate with stakeholders and clients about how to access and use AUSkey and to address technical challenges that arise during implementation.

    We also provide ongoing support after the services go into production.



    AUSkey provides businesses with cost effective, secure and easy to use access to online services through a common authentication infrastructure and support services across all levels of government.

    With 24 1 government agencies adopting AUSkey as their digital authentication solution across 44 2 digital services, AUSkey is a proven solution; there are now close to 1 million 3 active AUSkeys being used by Australian businesses.

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    Find out more

    Learn more about AUSkey by visiting AUSkey.abr.gov.au

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