• Delivering digital government services businesses want to use

    The ABR Program’s digital infrastructure is revolutionising business service delivery, allowing government agencies to create digital services that businesses want to use.

    There are four key enablers that can be used individually or collectively to provide a complete digital service delivery solution:

    • a national business identifier (Australian Business Number)
    • a whole-of-government digital credential (AUSkey)
    • a whole-of-government digital reporting infrastructure (Standard Business Reporting)
    • a data dictionary of standardised government terms and definitions (Australian Reporting Dictionary)

    To keep up with this ‘always on’ digital world, the ABR Program has worked collaboratively with all levels of government, commercial software providers, business and industry to ensure we create:

    • a consistent user experience for Australian businesses across the government’s digital services landscape
    • a whole-of-government digital infrastructure that is a key enabler of the Government’s digital, cloud computing and big data strategies

    'This infrastructure will enable government to get out of the way of business.

    Business can be conducted at any time, in any place, with any device, supported by more sophisticated technology and always-on, real-time infrastructure.

    Business systems will automatically exchange data using a common format, with minimal human intervention; with information for record-keeping and reporting automatically captured and stored, or forwarded to the agency, on an event or periodic basis.'

    Mark Jackson, Deputy Registrar ABR Program

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