• Our principles

    Providing services anywhere, anytime

    Businesses expect convenient and real-time services anywhere, anytime, increasingly through mobile devices and cloud technology.

    Business-focussed services

    Digital services that deliver a ‘whole-of-government’ service from a business’ perspective; eliminating duplication across government agencies, untangling the red tape and delivering a consistent user experience to business.

    Improved efficiency and productivity

    Leveraging up-to-date and consistent information about Australian businesses to drive evidence-based policy and law development, as well as engender a culture of effective service delivery to business, which in turn lifts the business’ productivity.


    Creating a standardised digital infrastructure across government that facilitates digital services that are so simple and convenient, that businesses will choose to use them.

    Build common technology platforms for digital-by-default services

    Deliver a digital infrastructure, including a suite of systems, processes and standards that can be customised and adapted to agency requirements.


    To contribute to improving the wellbeing of the Australian people through enhanced business productivity by:

    Reducing the administrative cost to business of complying with government regulation

    Influencing government policy and implementation, through advocating the use of services, technologies and processes to minimise the administrative impact on business

    Encouraging the adoption of new practices by businesses to reduce operating costs.

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