• Snapshot of the 2014 Australian Business Register Survey

    Results and analysis of Survey 19: the integrity of data on the Australian Business Register (ABR)

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    About the Australian Business Register

    The Australian Business Register (ABR) is Australia’s source of registered business information. A whole-of-government resource and valuable public asset, the data in the Register is used by business and all levels of government to support planning and decision-making on economic development, infrastructure investment and disaster response and recovery.

    The Register provides a unique trusted identifier for Australian businesses (the Australian business number – ABN) and is being developed as an accurate and complete source of entity-specific business information for use by both the community and government.

    Information in the Register is used to confirm the identity and validity of businesses via the ABN Lookup website abr.business.gov.au.

    About the ABR survey

    As part of our commitment to the continuous improvement of the Register, we regularly monitor its integrity by conducting this annual survey of ABN holders.

    The ABR survey of ABN holders is conducted each year to:

    • quantify the accuracy of the information that appears on the Register, and
    • explore the ABR experience, particularly ABN holders’ attitudes and beliefs towards keeping their information up to date.

    The aim of the survey is to assess the health of the Register for the purposes of both reporting to the Minister and Parliament on the administration of the ABN Act and to give us a better understanding of how effective it is as a reliable source of information on Australian businesses.

    Our key objective for the Register is to deliver a comprehensive, up to date and accessible business register for use across the government and business community.

    ABR facts

    7,667,896 ABNs were active at 30 June 2014.

    Figure 1 Active ABNs by entity type

    Active ABNs by entity type


    At the end of the 2014 financial year:

    new registrants added to the Register – 704,211 total entities (425,993 individuals)

    • ABNs cancelled as a result of notification by the registrant – 164,958 total entities (76,527 individuals)
    • cancellations initiated by the Registrar – 378,986 total entities (279,104 individuals).

    Accessing ABR data

    ABR data is accessed in two broad categories:

    • public information on specific business entities is available publicly through the ABN Lookup service – with 418.8 million searches conducted in 2013–14
    • more detailed data (non-public) is available to federal, state, territory and local government agencies.

    There are currently 462 agency partners able to access ABR non-public data in accordance with the ABN Act.

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