• News from the Board

    Key highlights from recent meetings of the ABR Board:

    2 November 2017

    The Board was provided with an update on components of:

    • the National Business Simplification Initiative (including registry modernisation)
    • the Digital Economy Strategy
    • the Data Integration Partnership for Australia (DIPA).

    The DIPA, which encompasses a broad range of economic, business and welfare data, is expected to result in better quality policy advice and outcomes, as well as improving public trust in data.

    Following discussion on the definitions of contractors, employees and ABN entitlement at the previous Board meeting, the Board noted data showing a marked growth in ABN applications in certain industry sectors, and considered the need for greater clarity for small business on government websites concerning this issue.

    17 May 2017

    The Board discussed:

    • the findings of the 2017 ABR agency data-use survey
    • employee-contractor issues affecting ABN entitlement
    • the use of data and data analytics
    • the National Business Simplification Initiative
    • the Payment Times and Practices Inquiry Report
    • progress of the implementation of Standard Business Reporting (SBR).

    The data-use survey demonstrated that agencies were moving beyond using the ABR database for broad research and planning, and were increasingly using it for service provision, support for regulatory functions and online validation and prefill.

    Service NSW presented a ‘showcase’ demonstrating its engagement with the ABR, including its role in the future development of the ‘Easy to do Business’ program for small business.

    The Board recently took over responsibility for broad strategic oversight of the SBR program, and consequently was advised of progress with invoicing and the acquisition of a Digital Capability Locator (directory of business digital addresses).

    2 March 2017

    This was a 'special' meeting to focus on the future development of the Register, which has had largely unchanged functions since 1999.

    The Board endorsed the concept of ABR evolution; involving the rationalisation of registers, reduced risks of incorrectly issuing ABNs, and other reforms to allow improved services to be provided by the Register.

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